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Biostatistics Training with the Ramirez Lab of UCLA

We have another research opportunity available to all for application! Dr. Christina Ramirez is offering online training focusing on biostatistics and data science. These training sessions will be open to 1-2 students, occurring every Tuesday from July until early August.

In this opportunity, you would learn the basics of using data science. You will learn how to use the programming language R as well as the app Shiny, which helps you analyze databases. As a project, you would work with Dr. Ramirez in creating an interactive website where you can display COVID-19 data from a variety of countries.

Additionally, these fundamental skills would be essential for any data science-related career, whether it be working in tech companies, finance, biological sciences, and many more.

If these topics sound interesting to you make sure to check out this Google form:

Keep in mind that the deadline to submit the google form is June 29th at 11:59 PM PST, so if you want to participate, make sure you fill out the form soon.

Remember that you must subscribe to our website,, to be considered for this opportunity.

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