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Psychology Internship with Assistant Professor Caren Walker of UCSD

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We have a psychology internship open for application! Assistant Professor Caren Walker and Lab Coordinator Aarthi Popat are offering the opportunity to work in person at UCSD labs focusing on different psychology projects alongside a grad student. All projects will be about how children learn abstract concepts like variability, possibility, uncertainty, and more. Specialized projects include;

*If students are good with toddlers (17-32 months)

- relational match to sample called

- how do children understand different concepts cross-culturally

- studying the innate possibility of sameness

*Projects that would take RAs:

- representation of alternate possibilities: what do kids know that they know and what are they not sure that they know?

- see if kids know if they're uncertain

This opportunity is an in-person internship located at UCSD. You would be able to get access to the psychology department of UCSD. This opportunity open to 1-2 students for 2-3 quarters or 6-8 months. Students will be matched with a graduate student for specific projects as well as involvement in data analysis. Additionally, students will be expected to put in 10 hours a week, and attend lab meetings once or twice a week.

Why participate? This opportunity creates valuable experience for high school students to see grad research level, as well as provide the chance to access UCSD labs and the psychology building for RAs.

Keep in mind that the deadline to submit the google form is September 4th at 11:59 PM PST, so if you would like to participate, make sure to fill out the form quickly!

Remember that you must subscribe to our website to be considered for this opportunity.

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