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Radiation Can Cause Cancer, But Also Kill It

This is a quick discussion of our second episode of the YRI Podcast, and how cancer research has evolved into utilizing radiation as a selective way to kill cancer cells.

Check out our second episode of the Youth Research Institute Podcast. In this episode, we learn about oncology, specifically radiation oncology. Radiation is the study of radiation's effects on cancer treatment as well as cancer development. We also interview a radiation biologist from the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff. She tells us about some of her projects in radiation oncology, like how she tests different types of radiation (even cosmic radiation) to see how cancers form. She even uses radiation as a way to kill cancer cells. She tells us that radiation treatment is a good selective treatment because her machines can pinpoint specific parts of the body to target with high levels of radiation, killing those cells.

To learn more about radiation oncology, check out our podcast episode. We learn about radiation oncology and the super interesting characteristics of cancer. We have a deep dive into how research as a radiation biologist works in our discussion with Dr. Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff.

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