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3D Printing and Mechanical Engineering Research with Dr. Yang of SDSU

Check out this new opportunity we have, where students have the opportunity to participate in mechanical engineering and 3D printing research in the Yang Lab of San Diego State University.

We have another research opportunity available for application, and this time it’s about mechanical engineering! Dr. Yang is offering in-person research in his lab focusing on different projects about bioinspired mechanical engineering and 3D printing, meaning that he 3D prints products utilizing structures inspired by biological systems. Some examples of potential projects students would be working on include: *Limpet Tooth‐Inspired Painless Microneedles Fabricated by Magnetic Field‐Assisted 3D Printing for drug delivery *Star-nose-inspired multi-mode sensor for anisotropic motion monitoring *Wearable thermoelectric energy harvester by using waste heat from human body *3D printed cactus-inspired structure for high efficient water collection This opportunity is open to 1-2 students. Students do not require prior experience, but lab experience is always beneficial. This internship will occur during the summertime (the schedule is pretty flexible, but you'd have to discuss it with Dr. Yang). In this opportunity, you would start off by meeting with Dr. Yang and discussing which project you would work with him on. Then, you would go to San Diego State University campus to work on your respective project. You would get the chance to work with PhD, graduate, and undergrad students working in the Yang Lab. Because this is going to be an in-person internship, those applying must have adequate transportation to-and-from SDSU. Keep in mind that the deadline for this application is on July 5th, so if these topics sound interesting to you make sure to check out the Google form: Remember that you must subscribe to our website,, to be considered for this opportunity.

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